We are very concerned about our long-standing partner organizations in Ukraine, which are particularly dependent on our help because of the war. At the moment, forum civique staff members are still on the ground in Transcarpathia.

They are very busy there with the reception and care of refugees as well as help with the onward journey. We are in constant exchange with them, as well as with our staff in Romania and Austria. Our priority is the care and evacuation of the most vulnerable. In this extraordinary situation we have to react immediately. Money is needed to house and care for the people. We are looking for a circle of friends who are willing to help with a generous special donation.

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We have been cooperating with the "Committee of Medical Aid in Transcarpathia" (CAMZ) since 2000 and we are forwarding this appeal to our supporters.

Dear friends, today all of us in the world woke up to a new reality. Ukraine has been suffering from the aggression of Russia for eight years. Although we were all prepared for the worst for two months, we believed in the power of diplomacy until the last minute. Unfortunately, it has proved powerless, and today we have to ask for help. We are in Transcarpathia, in an area still far from the military events and somewhat calmer, so we can probably expect a large influx of people fleeing the war zones. Given this challenge, we will have a catastrophic shortage of the following items, and we are asking you to help us provide them: Mattresses, sleeping bags, linens, medicines, household supplies, special food for children, and heating equipment. We appreciate your help and will keep you posted for more information. Hoping for peace! Nataliya Kabatsiy, Director CAMZ,

Unfortunately, in the uncertain situation, it is unclear at the moment what a larger humanitarian action from Western Europe might look like. If you have contacts with large humanitarian organizations that could collect the necessary material and organize the logistics for the transports, please contact us: We ourselves will help as much as we can as a small organization.

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A brief history of the "Committee of Medical Aid in Transcarpathia" (CAMZ), the partner organization of forum civique in Ukraine

The "Committee of Medical Aid in Transcarpathia" (CAMZ) was established in March 2000 as a non-governmental organization in Western Ukraine and officially registered under the Law "On Charitable Aid and Charitable Organizations". According to its statutes, CAMZ provides medical, social and sanitary aid in Transcarpathia without national, ethnic, religious or political discrimination. The committee implements projects for the benefit of socially disadvantaged groups of the population: Sick, destitute, orphans, disabled youth and young adults, refugees, migrants.

The European Citizens Forum (EBF) has been cooperating with CAMZ since the beginning in all social matters and helps financially.

The CAMZ has been active in the following areas since its foundation:

  1. educational work and information of the population about medical-social problems;
  2. exchange of experience and training of professionals in social and medical institutions;
  3. material and technical assistance and improvement of working conditions in social and medical institutions of Transcarpathia.
  4. care for international refugees who are turned away at the external borders of the EU.
  5. assistance to Internal Displaced Persons, internal refugees from Eastern Ukraine (since 2014).

In 2006, CAMZ receives the "Prix de la coopération" from the French Prime Minister for its years of work in the orphanage for disabled children in Vilshany.

In cooperation with the "Network Switzerland-Transcarpathia" (NestU), CAMZ builds the exemplary residential home "Parasolska" for disabled young adults in Tyachiv, which is inaugurated in autumn 2009.

The work on the EU external border starts in March 2009 and aims at the long-term improvement of the human rights situation of migrants and refugees in Transcarpathia who are turned away by the EU. Western partner organizations include the Bavarian Refugee Council, Pro Asyl Germany and the European Citizens Forum in Switzerland.

In 2012, CAMZ is awarded the Swiss Human Rights Prize "Open Alps" in Uzhgorod. The laudation is held by the former Swiss Council of States Dick Marty. After the Maidan revolution in 2014, the annexation of Crimea by Russia and during the hybrid war in the Donbass, CAMZ receives refugees from these areas in Transcarpathia and takes care of their needs, because nothing happens from the state side. Since the Russian war of aggression (February 24, 2022), hundreds, soon thousands of refugees from the other regions have been arriving in Transcarpathia. CAMZ provides humanitarian aid, but it lacks almost everything. The organization appeals to aid organizations in the West to provide urgent material.