Here you can find the current campaigns of the European Civic Forum.

• We support the creation and operation of shelters for migrant women of sub-Saharan origin in Rabat, Morocco. The ARCOM association offers emergency accommodation in these shelters for women who are doubly affected during their migration. The aim is also to strengthen the coordination and self-organisation of sub-Saharan migrants and to denounce the consequences of European migration policy in Morocco. We closely collaborate with Emmanuel Mbolela, initiator of the ARCOM project, author of «Réfugié», a striking account of his long and difficult journey from the Congo to Morocco. We have in particular orgzanised several reading tours in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, both in schools and public events. The book currently exists in German, French and Italian.

• We continue to support the Andalusian trade union of agricultural workers in El Ejido, in southern Spain, the SOC which now forms part of the SAT. It is the only trade union genuinely seeking to enable the migrant workers in the province of Almeria to get organised and defend their rights.

• The ECF is co-publisher (with Longo maï) of « From seed to seed », a set of four DVDs with 40 short films showing how to multiply your own vegetable seeds. These films now exist in Arabic, English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

• We have for many years been involved in solidarity and in concrete projects in the Calabrian village of Riace in Italy. The mayor, Domenico Lucano, and many of his fellow villagers reacted to the arrival on the coast of hundreds of migrants by welcoming them to Riace, a village suffering from a considerable reduction in its population and from economic decline. In addition to supporting the revival of craft workshops, we would like to encourage solidarity tourism with citizens from other European countries going for holidays in Riace, thereby supporting the village economically.

• Migration. In all countries where the European Civic Forum has offices, we are very committed to welcoming and defending migrants. This is particularly true in France, Germany and Switzerland. In 2018 the ECF organised an international delegation to Bosnia-Herzegovina to investigate the alarming situation of migrants there, in particular in the refugee camps close to the Croatian border.

• Members of the ECF closely follow the evolution of forests and forest management in Europe, in particular in France. They have, for example, been active in the campaign against a large biomass power station in Gardanne, near Marseille, which would require vast quantities of wood for the production of electricity. This is just one of many such projects across Europe that are increasing the pressure on forests throughout the planet which are no longer considered to be biodiverse ecosystems, but simply sources of raw materials for industry.

• Members of the ECF in Ukraine are strongly involved in the Free Svydovets Group which is fighting against the project to build a huge ski resort in the Carpathian Mountains. Murky investors plan to build over 60 hotels, 120 restaurants, 33 ski-lifts, 230 km of ski-runs and even an aerodrome. The resort would have a capacity of 28.000 tourists and would have a devastating impact on the ecosystem, on the forests and biodiversity and on the water regime. The ECF has helped to make this affair known throughout Europe and has mobilised interventions by many NGO, members of the European Parliament and other individuals. It has also denounced the massive deforestation in the Carpathians due to illegal logging.